Two women cross paths. One straight out of Bourdin’s world, Man Ray or a film by Bunuel. The other, from a Western movie such as “Les Pétroleuses”, “Even the cowgirls get the blues”. An osmosis emerges between these two worlds and wardrobes. The feminine and masculine codes collide with each other. 


The combination of fabrics from Japan and Italy, from flowing satin fabrics to the stark contrast of matte and rigid denim. A color palette with shades of beige, nude, silver and peach pink, combined with blue and anthracite. The “wrinkled-patina” effect on various denims reflects the wardrobe of the Western world. Ample pieces from masculine western wardrobe meet prominent feminine pieces from Bourdin’s universe.


Several outfits are crafted in four different panels, capturing a glimpse of the silhouette, with a hint of fantasy and dreams. The knitwear is generous and comfortable. Crafted in Belgium from high quality Italian yarns, the different stitches and cutouts gives an illusion of two pieces in one. Façon Jacmin asserts the vision of a contemporary woman, one who is strong, bold and daring, yet seductive and laid back. Discover the collection here.

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